About Ruchi Baghel

  • Lady After graduating from the Uttar Pradesh Technical University in 2012, I worked as an Data Analyst (Software Engineer ) for the U.S. Health Domain Company.

    After years of developing software and data analysis for clients and selling products or ideas, I decided it was time to start focusing on my own vision and getting that out into the world of creativity and art. It has been my mission; it is what motivates and inspires me everyday of my life. I accepted that I am not meant for the computers , Software and Data Analysis and then move to the arena full of colours - Painting .

    While pursuing my Masters from Auburn University, United States , I worked for an impressive list of clients , some of which include : The Nidaan, AanaxagorasR Software Pvt. Ltd. , Robo Consulting .Concurrently, I continued to paint, experimenting with many styles and techniques.

    The art produced ranged from fine arts of urns and still lifes to very contemporary abstract paintings.